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Super Contra Repair and Single Board Conversion

I’ve been looking to add more Konami PCBs to my collection it’s one of the few areas I’m lacking and a few weeks ago I saw a Super Contra for sale on eBay, the board looked dirty but ok, and there were pictures of the game running. I didn’t really pay close enough attention and I think I was distracted at the buy it now or best offer price about $100 below what I normally see them listed at. I made an offer for another $25 lower and it was accepted.

Only later did I realize that the ad was tagged as having “Graphics issues”.

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Konami M2 Troubleshooting

I recently picked up 2 “non-working” Konami M2 boards. I’ve since managed to get both of them working. This hardware is actually fairly robust and it took minimal effort to get mine working but a long the way I learned a lot about how the hardware works and some common problems you might run into.

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