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New 240SX Acquired!

I happened to find a very nice 1997 240SX SE pop up on Craigslist last Thursday after a few calls, and a test drive I put down a deposit on Christmas-eve day and Today I finalized the paperwork and brought it home ahead of the snow storm we’re supposed to get tonight.

1997 240sx SE Starfire Blue

1997 240sx SE Starfire Blue

It has 68K miles and spent it’s entire life with it’s original owner in West Virgina. I bought through Historic Motor Sports in Candia NH, who had it for sale on Consignment. (If you’re looking for a rare or vintage European car I highly recommend them, they have a beautiful showroom and made for one of the best car buying experiences I’ve ever had).

I’ve already started planning the process of moving all of my equipment from the Black car onto this one… stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from the for-sale listing…

Euro S14 Cluster

I received my S14 Kouki cluster from the UK in today. The European clusters are nice because the gauges have a lot cleaner look to them Instead of E and F on the fuel gauge there is just a red line at empty. The temp gauge is similarly styled. They’re clusters also went up to a higher speed and the UK is of course in MPH which is nice.

S14 UKDM Euro cluster with Aluminum Trim.

I found a set of Aluminum trim rings for the gauges which I think really improves the look of the cluster. These rings are made of polished aluminum. I’m not 100% sold on the shiny look  I’m tempted to go over the rings with some steel wool to give them a brushed look… I’ll see how I like it polished for a while first.

For reference (not my cluster, but exactly like it) this is what my current cluster looks like:

S14 Zenki Cluster

…I’d say the new setup is way more classy.

I also noticed that the Euro cluster has the interior brightness adjustment right on the cluster, this means I’ll be able to remove the button in my dash which is quite nice since I was considering relocating it so that I could use the spot to mount the ambient temp sensor for the Digital Climate Control system.

New Steering Wheel

Well, not “new” but newly installed. As part of my goal to accomplish at least 1 thing on one of my cars every weekend I finally got around to installing this steering wheel.

S14 Kouki JDM Momo Steering Wheel

This is a steering wheel from a Japanese market “Kouki” Silvia with the Autech Sports Package (Which also included an Autech Spoiler, Autech Grill, Special Badging and  “Silvia” Logo seats). The only one of these I’ve ever seen for sale I bought as soon as I saw it.

This bolts right up and plugs right in but I did need to swap on a JDM clock spring, as it’s significantly different than the US model. I also recently picked up a digital hanging scale so I can compare weights of the various items I swap out on the car. The original Wheel weighed 9.48lbs while the Momo wheel only weighs 7.78bls … 1.7lbs isn’t a huge savings but it’s nice to know that I’m going in the right direction with these changes.


Rene wasn’t the only one upgrading their suspension today…

Thanks to Rudy I got a new torque wrench and was able to finally install my Nismo suspension. it took longer than expected since I decided to sand and paint all the hardware and mounting brackets with a rust inhibitor. Also I discovered that the brake line bracket on the Silvia is backwards from the 240sx so I had to make a small modification to the brake-line  to make it mount to the bottom of the strut housing.

I only did the front, so I’ve got a nice rake going on… I’m not sure if I’m going to do the rear too or just leave it like this.


This is the bird seed and insulation “nests” I pulled out of the headliner and side panels of my car today…

at least I had new seats to put in front and rear.

Lug Nut Key

Bought new lug nuts… key doesn’t fit the lugs … not happy

More Kouki than Zenki

The conversion is nearly complete, I’m waiting for a couple of brackets (which will hopefully arrive by Thursday). then I can install the bumper. The only other thing I’ll need to do is convert the headlight wiring

if you’re wondering, this is what the car used to look like:

Z-Edition Rear Lip

I picked up a replica Z-Edition Rear Lip for the S14, it’s designed for the European bumper so it will need to be modified. Anyone have experience with fiberglass that would be willing to help modify it?

Exhaust Pics

I never uploaded this pics of the LS1 S14 exhaust. I think Fujii did an awesome job!

The exhaust is painted with high temp paint, the heatshield and tip look gray only because of the flash, in person you can’t even tell that the heat-shield is there.

S14 Exaust

Long Tube Headers with 4-1 3″ collector’s, slip fit to 3″ hi-flow cats, to triple weave flex-joints, into a Flowmaster dual 3″ to 3.5″ Y-pipe, into a 3.5″ Flomaster Hushpower Pro short Muffler with a custom tip.

…built by Fuji SPL