Rene wasn’t the only one upgrading their suspension today…

Thanks to Rudy I got a new torque wrench and was able to finally install my Nismo suspension. it took longer than expected since I decided to sand and paint all the hardware and mounting brackets with a rust inhibitor. Also I discovered that the brake line bracket on the Silvia is backwards from the 240sx so I had to make a small modification to the brake-lineĀ  to make it mount to the bottom of the strut housing.

I only did the front, so I’ve got a nice rake going on… I’m not sure if I’m going to do the rear too or just leave it like this.

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  • It sits great, how does it handle?

    Do you know what your f/r weight bias is after installing the ls*? I assume that will have an effect on what you do to the rear suspension from here.

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