First Drive of the Corvette Powered 240SX

So I got my PCM back from Pinocio Joe on Tuesday Night. (I can’t say enough good things about this guy for PCM re-flashing).  Last night I went down to Fujii SPL with the new PCM in tow with plans to start the car up for the first time… and hopefully have it run more than 5 seconds.

We pushed the car out of the garage,  bolted up the PCM, turn the key and it fired right up and ran… and didn’t shut off. Success!

Have no brake fluid in the car since it’s got a brake leak, but the clutch master was full so I decided to drive it a little bit… taking it slow since I only had the e-brake to stop me.  At first I thought maybe the clutch was slipping, then I realized for whatever reason it wouldn’t rev past 1000RPM, the car just limped around and after doing a lap around the building I parked it back where I started.

I popped the hood and we poked around, there was a small leak on one of the heater hoses where the clamp wasn’t tight enough but everything else seemed in order. We unplugged the MAF and it made no difference, plugged it back in and unplugged the MAP and the idle got rought but it stayed running, then we unplugged MAF again (so both the MAP and MAF were unplugged) and the engine died… which is good because it meant both sensors were running.

Plugging them back in and trying to start it just cranked without firing… James decided to disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset the PCM, doing this  worked and the car started again, but still wasn’t revving.

While running we pulled off the intake (and disconnected the MAF and IAT) and discovered that the throttle wasn’t opening when we pushed on the gas (it’s an electronic throttle not cable). Pushing the throttle open by hand the engine revved up no problem… we did this a couple of times but it still wouldn’t work with the pedal.

With the intake still off we shut the car off, disconnected and reconnected the battery  and started it again, it was idling MUCH better this time. So Joe got in and stepped on the pedal and the engine roared to life…  The thing ran flawlessly after that. We put the intake back on, hooked up the MAF shut it off and restarted a few more times without any issue.

After all that I drove it back into the garage under it’s own power.

I was a little worried when it wasn’t revving but I’m guessing it was just a stuck throttle or the PCM needed to relearn some of the sensors, or both.

Tony shot a video of the whole thing but it doesn’t seem to be up on youtube yet. I’ll post a link once it’s up.

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