Bose 901 Speaker Restoration

I’ve posted up a new hack page detailing a the Bose 901 Speaker Restoration that I recently completed.

Bose 901 Series IV Speaker Restoration

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  • Nice restoration, Mike. I guess I could look up what people say about these, but how do they sound?

  • They sound pretty good, though I personally prefer a typical tower setup. The 901s are extremely dependent on room placement and they do create some oddities, such as bass clarity is often best at the opposite wall in the room.

    They do have a very warm, rich, and full “wall of sound” feel to them that you don’t get with more “accurate” speakers which can be very pleasing to the ear.

  • I did the same restore with a pair of series V’s. Getting the drivers soldered back in was a royal pain in the butt. Tough to solder aluminum. I also looked for connectors. If I had to do it over, I would have used some good copper wire and soldered it on to the drivers then used crimp connectors for the attachment. I also redid my cabinets with black truck bed liner finish and used blue grill cloth. I added some Bose logos to the aluminum side panels and hung them in my garage. They sound very good indeed but at my age, there is not much past 13khz anyhow.

  • Thank you very much for posting this. I am redoing my Series IV 901s and the re edging information is priceless.

    901s are great speakers if you love rock and roll. If you listen to classical or other music with very clear highs, these are NOT the speakers for you.

  • Does anyone here know how to upgrade the internal cable of the Bose 901 series vi?any helps will be very appreciated.

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