VOOT Control Panel Dimensions

My friend Dave is looking to have some reproduction Virtual On OT panels made and since I have a few original panels he asked me to take some measurements for him.

There are a few different panels, there is the OMG candy cab panel, the VOOT candy cab panel (pictured above), as well as numerous Twin Unit Panels, and the joystick mounting distance and cutout shape varies from panel to panel. These dimensions are specifically for the VOOT Candy Panel, which usually is the one most people want.

In addition to the cutouts I also dimensioned the stud placement on the underside of the panel

You may notice that there is a second set of 4 studs around each stick, that’s because the VO Candy Panels use 4 additional brackets to help secure the panel to the cab. You can see these brackets below.

Most reproduction VO panels will leave these out, but I feel that they’re really necessary as you’re able to put a lot of torque on the panel from the sticks and you can easily bend and warp the panel with heavy play. Not to mention the brackets make the panel and the sticks feel a lot more secure while playing.

I also took the liberty of drawing up the bracket itself. All 4 brackets are identical.

This is a PDF since it’s a 3D object, the dimensions are a little more complex.

Feel free to use and distribute these but please leave my name on them and a link back here to my blog is always appreciated. Hopefully others will get some use out of these.

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