How Many Hose Clamps does it take…

I ordered hose clamps on eBay. They were listed as being specifically as “NISSAN S13 S14 S15 2.5″ RADIATOR HOSE” clamps I figured since these were going on an S14 radiator I’d be in good shape. The listing stated that the clamps were 2″ when fully tight and 2.5″ when fully lose.

Here is a measurement of the actual upper radiator hose from my S14:

a little smaller than the advertised size but I figure if it’s advertised for my specific radiator it should be good… right? the radiator inlet expands the hose a bit anyway.

I had previously ordered clamps that were 1.75-2.0″ and they were too small. They actually ended up being 1.75″ fully open, and closer to 1.5 fully tight.  They would fit on the hose when it was off the radiator but then you couldn’t install it. I ordered them ages ago so it was past the point of return and just cut my losses.

Reordering these clamps on eBay I figured I couldn’t go wrong getting a pair advertised specifically for an S14… I needed 6 clamps, here are the measurements of the clamps in the first box I received:

Fully open:

Fully Tight:

As you can see at fully tight they’re nearly 1″ too large in diameter to work, the “packing slip” seen below in the pictures actually states 2.5″ and also lists the features of the auction title of “Nissan S13/S14/S15 Radiator hose clamps”.

I contact the seller, he apologized and said I could keep these clamps and he would be sending out more.

About a week later I received another box, with the exact same sized clamps as shown above. I contacted him again, he once again apologized and said he would send out the proper clamps.

Today I received a box, it sounded like the clamps were rattling around a bit more freely so it was clear that they were smaller than the clamps I had received before. Here are the measurements of the clamps I received today..

Fully Open:

Fully Tight:

The packing slip this time just said 2.25″ hose clamp, they are smaller but they’re not even 2.25″ clamps, nor are they small enough to work with a Nissan radiator.

I wonder how many other people have bought clamps from this guy only to receive the wrong size an just cut their losses instead of trying to get the right ones… He’s already paid more in shipping than I paid for these clamps… I’m pissed but at the same time I kind of feel bad for the guy.

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