NAOMI/Net City VMU Mount

As you may know the Sega NAOMI hardware is based on the Sega Dreamcast console. along with this it also shares the “Maple Bus” which is what the Dreamcast used for controller ports. A handful of NAOMI games actually support the use of Dreamcast Controllers and/or VMUs (what the Dreamcast called it’s very cool memory cards).

My friend Pat owns a Virtual On Oratorio Tangram 5.66 Twin unit, which is one such game that supports VMUs, and he let me borrow one of the VMU reader assemblies so I could 3D Model Them.

The Card reader PCB mount and Faceplate used on this machine appears to be the same one used in F355 Challenge, as well as the NAOMI Universal and Net City arcade cabinets and other Sega games that support VMUs.

I’ve modeled these and posted the files here for the community:

The PCB used here is Sega Part Number 839-1132, In addition to VMU readers it was also used in some other games that used Dreamcast Accessories such as King of Route 66 for the Dreamcast Microphone Adapter.

I’ve not printed these so I haven’t had a chance to test fitment or printability. I welcome any feedback for adjustments that may need to be made. Also if you have one of these with the doors intact I’d welcome any photos you could provide to help me model those.

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