All the officially released Flavors of the Net City/NAOMI Universal Cab

A while back I was having a discussion around the many variants of the Net City and NAOMI Universal cabs and it got me thinking about how many “official” variants of these cabs there were.

What constitutes a unique variant of one of these cabs? I’m inclined to draw that line at meeting at least one of these two criteria:

  1. It has unique add-on or variants of parts, such as differently colored plastic or paint, a differently shaped marquee, a differently shaped control panel cover or replacement, or add-ons outside of the normally shaped panel such as card reader built into the cab etc.
  2. It has unique and officially released “side art” on the pillars, pops, or other artwork beyond the normal marquee, instruction strip or control panel overlay you might find in a kit. I think everything else that doesn’t fit into one of those two categories could be considered a simple kit to be installed onto a generic cab.

Generic Cabs

Driving Cabs

Shooting Cabs (Sega IR)

Shooting Cabs (Atomiswave CRT)

Typing Cabs

Touch-Screen Cabs (with Thermal Printer)

Other Enhanced Cabs (cabs with game specific enhancements)

Themed Cabs (generic cabs but with official releases in special colors or special artwork)

I originally posted this on Arcade-Projects; I’ve re-posted it here because it requires registration to view there and I’ve received a number of requests for this information from non AP members.

I’m sure it’s not complete so if you know of others please post a reply to let me know and I’ll add it.

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