Killer Bunnies Case

Years ago a good friend of mine turned me on to a great card game called Killer Bunnies. I instantly fell in love with the game and like most of my hobbies I decided to actively collect all the different expansions and rarities associated with it. The starter box holds a number of cards and Dice and had room to spare for 2 or 3 of the expansion packs. Past that I purchased 4 more expansions but never used them, simply because they wouldn’t fit in the box and carrying a whole stack of boxes around with you when visiting friends and family is rather cumbersome. Not to mention using the starter box you had to be creative when putting the game away to ensure that everything fit.

For months I looked for a reasonable case, poker cases were nice but they only held a small number of cards and the rest of the space was dedicated to chips, not easily modified either. Card cases for baseball collectors were either cheap cardboard boxes that held cards en-masse for storage or books where the cards were made be looked at rather then used. Even card holders for other games were almost always emblazoned with logos and artwork dedicated to that game (like Pokémon or Yugi-oh). I eventually found a company called Vanguard who makes cases for photo equipment. The cases are nice looking sturdy and contain half-cut foam cubes that you can remove to appropriately store your equipment. Most of the cases were too thin or small for what I needed but I finally found a case with a depth appropriate to fit cards, the Vanguard VGP-3202.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202) Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

Removing a few foam peaces you can easily create rectangular shapes just popping out foam with your hands. Each foam square is 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and there are 2 depths, half way down the case and all the way down the case. (~2 3/4 inches total depth)

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

After determining the layout I wanted to use I removed all the appropriate foam pieces and did a test fit. I was careful to nail down the layout before I started and not break-off any foam that I didn’t intend to. I suppose I could have tried to glue some of it back on if I made a mistake but luckily that didn’t happen.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

now that I have the cards in it would seem that the lid requires pressure to close completely. This would be find if I was using it to hold camera equipment but I’d rather not put pressure across the cards. They have a slight amount of pressure across them horizontally and that holds them in place, I would imagine vertical pressure from the uneven foam lid could potentially cause damage to the cards down the road.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

Checking the depth of the lid’s foam with a needle there is more then enough space for the lid to close comfortably if I remove the foam. Carefully pulling the foam out and testing this proves correct. But now I have a different problem.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

The glue used on the lid is some nasty stuff, breaking out my trusty Goo-Gone (never failed me in the past) only seemed to make it worse! After scrubbing at it for a half hour and wasting nearly a quarter bottle of goo-gone to no avail i decided it might be best to cover it up. The walls of the case are covered with a a thin foam material similar to what you might find in a crafts store. Off to Walmart down the street I picked up 2 sheets of foam for 48 cents a piece, even better the foam has a peel and stick backing, so I wont even have to break out the spray adhesive. While I was there I had the idea to affix an envelope to the lid to hold the manuals. Now that the original egg-carton foam has been removed there is ample head-room for the game manuals. So picked up some envelopes while I was there.

A single sheet of the foam covered the base of the lid perfectly covering up the bulk of the ugliness.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

Unfortunately there was some glue spillage from the original foam on the walls as well so using a razor blade (and a scrap 2×4 as a backer to protect my desk) I cut some strips out of the second piece of foam and re-covered the inside walls of the lid

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

Once the lid was completely lined in fresh foam I put an envelope down for a test fit. I specifically went for a square flapped envelope as opposed to a triangle cut. I also have enough foam left over that I’ll be able to cover the envelope once it’s in palace.

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

I peel off the backing from the remaining foam sheet and center the envelop with the bottom aligned along once edge. I then cut off a bit of the envelope’s top so it’s the same size as the foam. The foam should hold it in palace once installed but to keep from accidentally putting the manuals BEHIND the envelope as opposed to IN the envelope I placed a thin strip of electrical tape along the back edge of the envelop that will create a smooth connection between the lid and the envelope making it easier to open the pocket and slide in papers.

Once that’s done the case is ready for use, and holds all the current decks as well as leaving space for the future installments

Killer Bunnies Case (Vanguard VGP-3202)

I’m very please with how the case turned out, it’s portable and durable and holds everything current and future which is exactly what I was looking for. Since it was originally intended as a camera case it has locks on the latches which is also very beneficial considering the card collection inside is easily worth over $100.

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  • Regarding the “popping out” with your hands bit, does that require any cutting or whatnot?
    And if all you have to do is take them out with your hand, why couldn’t you do the reverse if you need to put them back in?

  • Or would any of the VGP-3200 series work?

  • the foam is perforated and popping them out can be done with your bare hands, but what you’re really doing is tearing them out. kind of like when a piece of paper says to tear on the dotted line and the paper, or a box top on some food item, has little slits in it to make it easier to tear; same thing. once you’ve torn out the piece it’ can’t be undone… not unless you wanted to glue them back in place.

    Even though you can do it with your hands I’d recommend using a razor to make the edges cleaner as sometimes a section will be harder to rip out than you’d expect and you end up ripping more than you wanted (just like what happens when the dotted line on the paper doesn’t always rip perfectly).

    as for other cases in the Vanguard series, I’m not even close to an expert on these cases, I figured out the rough dimensions I needed and searched for a case that fit them… I think as long as the case has the internal dimensions your looking for then you should be good.

  • Sweet. Thanks!

  • Hi-ya, twisted symphony. I’m back!

    Okay, so I finally ordered the VGP-3202; it came in the mail yesterday, and I got around to removing all the parts of the foam necessary to fit everything. I have all the Killer Bunnies decks, as well as the Kinder Bunnies game.
    While I was able to fit everything (cards, accessories) in their respective slots, I found that the sides of each open slot were a bit too snug for my taste. I had to apply a little force when packing in my cards in their spaces. Though I can’t see any apparent damage, I was wondering if you have the same issue.

  • I can’t stay that I have the same issue… the cards in my case aren’t lose by any stretch of the imagination but they’re not all that snug either. I mean if I were to turn the case upside down they would probably slowly slide out. I could put a single card in there without it being visibly bent by the width of the slot… maybe there is variation in the cube width?

    I thing I went over some of the rough edges with an exacto to clean up the way it looked… maybe that also widened it a bit?

  • Hmm…. Yeah, that is strange. I popped out slots for each deck o’ cards, and I realized that, while transporting the case, handle up, the front of the 2 foam pieces that hold the cards slides, causing some of the cards to shift in an aesthetically unpleasant manner.

    I obviously did something wrong. I may just end up giving away or selling this one, and starting over with a different one.


  • Oh, and the amount of cubes I popped per width of cards is four. How many did you pop out?

  • hmm… I don’t remember I think it was 8 per deck (an area of 2 cubes x 4 cubes)… a few more for the starter deck though.

    I’m assuming the “an aesthetically unpleasant manner” is the top row sagging away from the edge of the case? if so mine did that too after a while. IIRC I pulled all the cars out and the two layers of removable foam then sprayed the inside edges of the case and put the foam back… haven’t had any problems since.

  • What’d you spray it with? (By the way, I appreciate your timely responses.)

  • I don’t remember exactly, just check the arts and crafts department of your local Walmart and check out the spray glues.. it looks like spray paint, check the label to see what kind of material its designed for to see if it will work with your case (foam is plastic based FYI).

    I suppose you could use any kind of glue really, I just happened to have the spray stuff around so that’s what I used.

    … I get email notifications on new comments so it’s pretty easy for me to keep on top of them, so long as I don’t miss an email (which does happen on occasion)

    I should note that any kind of glue will make the foam stiff and rough like a brillo sponge, so you’ll want to keep it away from surfaces that will come in direct contact with the cards, that’s why I didn’t spray the bottom of the case, just the sides… it couldn’t hurt to throw a piece of paper on the bottom but I didn’t bother, I figured a little over-spray wouldn’t kill it.

  • Hey i was wondering, I wanted to try this but i sleeved all my cards in regular plastic card sleeves from a local Wal-mart, i play it so much with my friends that i’ve had to do this and it works great. Any way do you think that with the card sleeves on them, that this case would work?

  • I was able to use the VGP 3200 case, and it works great. The cards are not split up by color, but are instead simply in 2 columns. I used the above case as a guide, simply shrinking everything and making it more compact.

  • yeah the foam is pretty squishy so it should be able to accommodate the added thickness from card protectors, they’ll just fit a little more snug. my biggest concern would be the stack thickness in each slot, you may have to pop out more cubes since the protectors will likely make each deck 2-3 times more thick.

  • Alright! I got the 3202 and everything works pretty well. I have all the cards (Blue through Ominous Onyx expansions,Kinder Bunnies, most of the omega and psi cards, the timid bunny version that was the blue and yellow decks with the Nu series included, and the Remix as well!) Here’s the set up that I did:

    Everything was able to fit, w/ sleeves on the cards and all, the only thing is I just made three straight columns with three cubes separating the middle from the side columns. The two side columns don’t have any divisions down them and they’re all just mixed up because it’s too much of an effort to separate the cards after every time we play, just to put them away, and then take them out and mix them back up to play again. The middle column I did put some divisions to differentiate between the extra blue and yellow decks that the Nu series cards came with, the Kinder Bunnies deck, the Remix deck, all the pieces, and all the little decks (water cabbage, etc.)

    The Sleeves actually don’t add all that much to the over all thickness of the decks. A 100 pack of them ($1 at Wal-mart, highly recommended to protect the cards) is right under half an inch, so about 7 1/2 packs to cover all 715 cards plus the carrots, omega, psi, and nu series cards adds really only 3 to 3 1/2 inches (the sleeves get squished a bit more when they’re stacked, reducing it more) to the whole deck, and taking into consideration the deck itself is about 15,16 inches… the sleeves don’t add much, let alone making it 2 or 3 times larger (a 30 inch deck.. a 45 inch deck! Whoa!) = )

    So yeah, the sleeves definitely did make a tight fit so i shaved a bit with a knife and now they fit snugly but not tightly.

    As a side note the very right edge cubes in the bottom half of the last column of foam cubes didn’t get perforated from everything else, both the top and bottom foam halves, so that was a little annoying to cut off, but not too bad cause the foam cut easy, and my foam was a little slanted as well but over all it worked out really good. Yeah the 3200 would be better in my opinion, like Ben’s above – smaller, easier, but that’s also if you have just the decks through ominous onyx/ with all that i have i needed the 3202 to fit everything.

  • Awesome! thanks for the info I’m glad you got it all figured out 🙂

  • Have you discovered an effective way to shuffle all the cards for gameplay? I imagine the sleeves would help, but also from past experience with the wal-mart sleeves, they tend to come apart at the edges within a year or so. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • I usually spread the decks out on the table face down and then “mix” them up after that I collect them into small piles and shuffle the piles together. it’s probably not the most through but it’s the fastest method.

    I always resort them before putting them back in the case but it’d probably be faster if they were left un-shuffled.

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